Giving Thanks

It’s a week early for Thanksgiving, but we have a lot to be thankful for, and I have time to write it up right now, so here’s my list of what we are thankful for.
Our happy, healthy new baby Evan William. He’s doing great, eating like a champ, sleeping a lot, but spending more time awake as well. He has a bit of a crying fit every day, but now it’s moved to the daytime rather than 3am. Other than that, he’s a very mellow kid.
Our happy, healthy family. Me, Mom, Ellie and Evan (and Max) are one big happy family now.
Our friends. It’s been over a week since Evan was born, and we’ve had to cook dinner for ourselves twice (once was frozen orange chicken from Trader Joe’s, the other was canned French Onion soup). Otherwise, our friends have brought over dinners for us that have also been good for many leftovers. Our friends Rita and Mary Beth have even been so good as to take Ellie off our hands for hours at a time, when she was being very hands on with Evan and we just needed her to back off for a while. Lots of other friends and family have sent cards, flowers, food, and gifts, which we are very grateful for as well.
We’ve been very lucky this year to have so many great things happen, not the least of which is our new baby boy. Thanks to everyone who helped make this a great year.