$50 million?!?!

Looks like the Red Sox have won the Daisuke Matsuzaka sweepstakes. ESPN reported the bid, only to negotiate with him on a contract, was $42 million! MLB.com says it may have been upwards of $50 million! A lot of money to only negotiate. Looks like the Yankees will have to look elsewhere for pitching help. They need it too, as they traded Jaret Wright to the Orioles. They also traded Gary Sheffield. Both moves got them some decent young talent that they are sure to need.
The Cubs are on the move. They resigned Aramis Ramirez and they’re looking at getting Alfonso Soriano.
Pretty awful effort by the Giants on Sunday night. Yeah, they are banged up, but they had control of the game until the 3rd and 22 run by Thomas Jones at the end of the first half, and that stupid field goal return. Ugh. I don’t think Eli could have a worse game. They still have a lead in the division, and big road games against Jacksonville and Tennessee before they play a division foe again.
Michigan State football is completing its collapse with consecutive losses to Indiana, Purdue and Minnesota. Plus, North Carolina hired a top candidate in Butch Davis. At least the basketball team is winning a bit more, but with their first real opponent Thursday against Texas.
So yeah, I’m keeping up with the real world for the most part.