More Pictures

Dumping some of the latest pictures to appease the masses.

Weighing the new baby, the midwives’ way.

It wouldn’t be a birth without naked baby pictures!

First diaper with the new baby. I’m pretty sure I remember how to do it. Of course, he nailed me with the stream on the second freakin’ diaper change. We’re more careful about that since then, but he already got Lisa once too.

Evan and her big sister Ellie. We had to get the doctor to tell her to back off and let Evan sleep sometimes, but she’s still trying to be the good “helper” sister.

First family portrait.

We celebrated last night in true Dauernheim fashion: with champagne and pizza!

4 thoughts on “More Pictures”

  1. Congratulations! Glad to know that I am not the only Mommy in the world to get whizzed by her son. The firehose tends to get ya everytime. Drew and I send our love.


  2. Great job everyone! Evan looks beautiful and we can’t wait to meet him! I’m so happy you had the home birth experience you wanted and everything went well. Topping off the day with your vote was impressive! The suffragists would be proud!


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