And Then We Voted

So, about 36 hours ago, Evan William was born. But 24 hours ago, the polls in Virginia were 4 hours from closing, and obviously we hadn’t made it there yet. We were on our way to Evan’s first doctor’s appointment, and Lisa was adamant about voting. So we called up the local Election Board, and after they got over their shock, they said we could go to our polling place, and park in the handicapped spot and have someone get a ballot to Lisa. So we arrived at the polling place just after 5pm, and the place was dead. I walked up and presented my ID and said my wife wanted to vote in the car. After they got over their shock (12 hours ago?!?!?), they told me to vote first, and then lead the poll worker to our car. They grabbed the umbrella, and one of the electronic voting machines, and went outside. Lisa gave them her ID, and they hand her the machine, in the car. And she voted.
Oddly enough, our votes actually mattered this time. While the moronic anti-gay marriage amendment passed, the George Allen-Jim Webb Senate race is too close to call, with Webb slightly in the lead in one of the two remaining key races for control of the Senate. Less than 7,000 votes separate the two, so our votes definitely mattered. And yes, my wife is slightly insane for making voting a priority. Of course, this is Washington, DC, and she used to work for Vice-President Gore, so I guess it shouldn’t be that surprising. Lisa’s “I Voted” sticker is going right in Evan’s baby book.

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