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A few weeks ago, if you had asked me who would be the lone remaining undefeated team in the NFL, I would have guessed Chicago. Da Bears were rolling over their competition, while Indianapolis was winning ugly. A few weeks later, the Bears look vulnerable (especially Rex Grossman), and the Colts look invincible. The Colts have a few road games against the NFC East, but those teams are definitely beatable.
The Giants squeaked out a win against Houston. Without Plaxico Burress, the passing game struggled, and it was left to Tiki Barber to save the G-Men. That sets up a big game at Giants Stadium on Sunday night against the aforementioned Bears. An early edge in home field advantage in the NFC could be on the line.
Alas, the weekend was not perfect. Stupid kicker Mike Vanderjagt had his game-winning kick blocked, and the idiot Cowboy got a 15 yard facemask penalty to set up the Redskins for their own attempt, and naturally they made it. It wasn’t entirely Vanderjagt’s fault, but it doesn’t stop him from being a stupid kicker. The blocking on the kick was awful, allowing Troy Vincent to come in almost untouched (hey Jason Witten? Stop celebrating your catch, and start blocking so that you win the game). And the kick shouldn’t have mattered either, as the Cowboys went for a stupid two-point conversion attempt early in the second quarter. The book will tell you that you don’t go for two in the first half, but I guess Bill Parcells’ chart said otherwise. And let’s not forget the fabulously ego-centric Terrell Owens, who selfishly drew a 15 yard celebration penalty and also dropped a sure touchdown from Tony Romo. Still think he was worth it, Jerry Jones?
Damn, I hate stupid kickers. But at least the Dallas loss gave the Giants a two-game lead in the division.

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  1. Speaking of idiot kickers…How about the Patriots new kicker?? He missed a ‘chipshot’ as badly as I have seen a field goal missed in a while. That wasn’t the best part, after he kicked it and saw that he was going to miss so badly, he flopped on the ground. No slip, no running into the kicker, he flat out flopped…Hilarious. I bet he got some real sympathy from Belichek…Nice try smoothio.

    I don’t suppose many people got to watch the Chiefs game where you are and they probably won’t see one of the best hits of the season until Tom Jackson’s “JACKED UP” bit tonight. Kevin Curtis caught a pass at the end of the game(the last play, no time left and down 14) and got DESTROYED…errr…JACKED UP by Sammy Knight. We were watching it at our friend Brett’s house and played it back about 15 times.


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