Black and Blue

Another first at our baseball game yesterday: the first time in a long time that I’ve been hit by a pitch. I honestly can’t remember the last time I was hit. Usually, my reflexes are good enough that I can get out of the way, but the pitcher yesterday had some zip on the ball, plus he hit me with the very first pitch he threw, which I was not expecting at all. Unfortunately for him, it led to a bases loaded situation with our best hitter up to bat, and he came through with a big base hit, scoring two runs and leading to a 4-2 win.
Earlier in the game, I cut down a runner on an easy ground ball to third base. I have no idea why he ran, as the ball was sharply hit right at me, I fielded it cleanly and made the easy throw. I didn’t fare too well at the plate, but I made their third baseman rush a throw to first that went wild, and scored two runs on the error. I also narrowly missed a diving play at shortstop, but then made up for it by turning the game ending double play. Our 4-2 win yesterday means that we’ll play again next Sunday in the semi-finals, baby #2 permitting – is your baby pool entry in yet?
I’m definitely feeling the bruise coming on in my arm where I got hit. The mark is mostly red right now, but it is really sore, and it hurts to do anything with that arm. Hopefully it will clear up like most of my soreness has, within a couple of days.

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