Fall Back

It’s very strange what happens after we fall back an hour. A week ago, I was leaving for work in the dark, and it was still light out after we had dinner. This week, the sun is lighting my way in to work, and it’s pitch black by the time we’re done with dinner.
Last night was, of course, Halloween. We went out just after dinner, and it was pitch black, so we took our camping lantern to light the way. Ellie was being her usual shy self, so I had to knock on all the doors and say “Trick or treat” for her. But she was very cute in her dalmatian costume. And boy, did she ever rake in the candy! Her candy bag was almost breaking, and I had to carry it for her for the last couple of houses, it was getting so heavy. She was quick to take a cue from one of the first houses we visited. That house invited her to take more than one candy from their bowl, so naturally she took 3. And after that, every house that just held out the bowl had multiple candies taken. And of course, she’s so cute, everyone just laughed and said it was okay. I gotta find a way to parlay that into something bigger and better. Fun and rotted teeth were had by all, and pictures will come tomorrow.