This is Awesome

Just when I was at my wit’s end, and typing up this rant last week, along comes a new poll by the Washington Post that says that the majority of Virginia Catholics are opposed to the ridiculous “gay marriage” (misnomer) amendment. Not only that, but a whopping 60% say that gays should be allowed to form civil unions that would allow them to have legal rights similar to married couples. This is so frightening to the Church that the bishops in Richmond and Arlington have sent letters to the parishes urging support for the amendment. There’s not much I dislike more than political homilies in church. (The one thing I dislike more is fundraising homilies.)
This quote from the end of the article sums up the argument pretty well (although I disagree with banning gay marriage myself. There goes my political career):
“‘What’s important to me more than anything is fundamental fairness,’ said Scott Peters, a personal trainer in Sterling. He said he disagreed with the church’s stance on abortion as well.
“‘If this amendment just banned gay marriage, I’d vote for it. But I do believe in civil unions, and I just don’t think I can support something that obviously is trying to go after those arrangements. Honestly, I just believe the church is wrong on this one.'”

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  1. Glad to see we are on the same page with political homilies. I am a firm believer that the Church should stay out of politics the same way that politics needs to stay out of the church. It is perfectly ok to tell me as a Catholic what I should believe in, but dead wrong to tell me how to vote.


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