Quickie recap

Boy, those Tigers pitchers could use some work fielding their position. Awful how they just gave away runs, and no one to blame but themselves. I really thought they were going to win it all too.
The Giants are on a roll, aren’t they? 4 in a row, and while the win against Tampa Bay wasn’t pretty, it was a win. The defense is playing great, and with a (hopefully easy) matchup against Houston this week, they will host the Bears, who should still be undefeated after playing Miami next week, on November 12 on NBC. You can thank the new flexible scheduling scheme for that one.
My baseball team finally got our bats going yesterday. We played better than we had in a while, but we took a while to get the bats warmed up. Even so, we took the lead near the end of the game, thanks in part to a 3 run bomb by our cleanup hitter, and were clinging to a one run lead in the bottom of the last inning. A couple of dinky hits and unfortunate plays, but a key strikeout by our pitcher, and our opponents had second and third with two outs. The next hitter lofted a lazy popup behind the second baseman. Unfortunately, our second baseman wasn’t going to get back to the ball, so I had to sprint over from shortstop to try to make the play. I just barely missed it, and the tying run scored. The next play was an easy groundball to second, and we ended in a tie. We start the playoffs this week, looking for our own “Mr. November.”
Oh yeah, and I’m pretty sure I officially threw my arm out for about the umpteenth straight season. A lot of discomfort warming up, and the few times I had to throw the ball hard, it was really stinging. I’m definitely getting old.