Fall Cleaning

We’re still getting things ready for the arrival of Baby #2. This past weekend, we headed out to Home Depot and bought new blinds for the office. For 5 years now, we’ve been using these ugly tan curtains, which were fine, because for the most part, they were blocked from view by my desk. But since we moved my desk away from the windows, the curtains were painfully ugly, so we replaced them with some cheap, but better looking white blinds.
The whole room has completely changed its look with just some minor touchups like the blinds and the new wall storage system. (We do still need to buy something to hide the wires running along the floor though, since the desk is now on the opposite wall from the outlets) It’s a lot brighter, and seem much bigger too. It works well for having the changing table there, so that we don’t have to wake Ellie with midnight diaper changes, and still has plenty of room for using the computer, paying bills, etc. We’ve even got a bit of room left to put the La-Z-Boy rocking chair in there too.
Lisa is also almost done with her “birth box”: the box of supplies we will need for the home birth. We’re still working on getting things straightened out with the insurance company (they’ll be getting an earful from me tomorrow), but we’re going ahead regardless. There’s no way Lisa’s going back to a hospital now. So she’s gathered lots of fun stuff, which I will not delve into here, due to the somewhat gross nature of some of them, and put it all into a box for the big day.
We also cleared out a lot of the clutter we’ve been accumulating in the 5 or so years we’ve been living in this house. The Lupus Foundation came and collected a bunch of it today, 3 big boxes and a big bag, plus two lamps. Hopefully we surpassed the statute of limitations for wedding gifts that we stored and never used before giving them away. Seriously, there’s only so many picture frames a person needs.
One last thing that I know you will find interesting. Lisa is obviously not going to be trick-or-treating this year, so she is going to stay home and give out candy. Dressed as a pumpkin. She’s had a pumpkin T-shirt for a long time, and this is the perfect opportunity to make good use of it. Pregnant belly + Pumpkin T-shirt = Hilarity! Pictures to follow.