Lame Checkout

A while back, Google released to the world its version of PayPal, which it calls “Google Checkout.” Around the same time, my dad’s birthday was coming up, so I took advantage of a promotion of theirs to buy his present. It turned out to be too big for him, and he said he would contact the company to set up an exchange.
Fast forward to last week, when I got a message from Google Checkout saying that a refund to my credit card failed, and to update my credit card information. Of course, none of the information changed, so I tried to fake it into an update but nothing worked. In the meantime, I got in touch with the company who sent out my dad’s present asking why I was getting a refund when it was supposed to be exchanged. They responded that they were refunding because they didn’t have the right size. Which is crap, since I can go to their website right now and order it, but no matter, they agreed to refund not just the price of the gift, but the shipping as well.
Back to Google Checkout, which was still failing to refund my money. I got a note back from them this morning saying, “Our records confirm that your credit card information is valid. However, due to a known issue the refund attempts to your credit card were declined. To receive your refund please log in to your account and add a different credit card.” Lame, Google, lame. Not exactly convincing me to use you again when you can’t accomplish a simple task like refunding money to a credit card I already used to pay you!
Anyway, I’m going to try ordering the correct size again, and hopefully my dad will actually get his present, 3 months later.

5 thoughts on “Lame Checkout”

  1. Funny you should mention Google Checkout, I had never heard of Google Checkout until this morning. I was checking my Gmail this morning to see what silly email I would get from dad today (reference – grandpa’s nuts at Mardi Gras and the ‘test tickles’ elmo email) and a link came up across the top for Google Checkout. I am not sure how it works…They just route you to other sites with stores right?? How is google a part of it, do you actually pay google and they pay the stores??

    Oh and FYI – Sheffield doesn’t want his 13 million dollar option picked up by the Yankees so I am going to take it for him.


  2. No, Shef wants the $13 million, but doesn’t want to play first base. Likely that the Yanks pick up the option and trade him. FOR PITCHING I HOPE!!!


  3. And hey, just trying to put a smile on your face once in a while. You gotta admit that Grandpa at Mardi Gras was pretty funny.


  4. What I read had Sheff wanting to pursue free agency so that he could try to get a 3 year deal and also because he didn’t want to play first base. He wants the 13 million, plus another 13 million, plus another 13 million and doesn’t want to play first base. I am letting Cashman know that I will play first base every day for 13 million.

    Grandpa Mardi Gras was laugh out loud funny for sure. Glad I didn’t have a mouthful of Maple Macchiato, that I don’t drink, to spray on my computer.


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