First Place!

It’s going to be a long day. Still sore from baseball on Sunday, and extremely tired from staying up until midnight watching the Giants take sole possession of first place in the NFC East with a resounding win over the Cowboys. Toughest schedule in the league and they’re 4-2. They’ve got home games against Tampa and Houston before Chicago comes to town. I do feel bad for Drew Bledsoe. He threw an awful interception at the end of the half at the goal line, but a lot of his play was dictated by the fact that his offensive line couldn’t hold a decent pocket for him. Tony Romo came in and got picked 3 times and sacked 3 times as well.
For the Giants, Tiki got the retirement tour going with 114 yards rushing. Brandon Jacobs is a monster coming through that line, everything Ron Dayne was supposed to be but never was. Plaxico was a bit lucky that Roy Williams ran into the official because he might have gotten his head taken off on that play. Can you quit with the offensive pass interference though Plax? Eli still worries me at times. He got very lucky that a couple of his bad throws were not picked off, but made plays when he had to and left the rest to Tiki and the defense. Big surprise that Lavar Arrington is hurt. It’s too bad for the guy, but he just has that injury bug. He was barely touched on the play and tore his achilles tendon. More important is the potential injury to Osi Umenyiora, who missed the second half with a strained hip. Hopefully he’ll be okay.
Lastly, the announcing crew. Tony, oh Tony. You’ve turned into a Disney shill, my man. Seriously, for 15 minutes interviewing Emmitt Smith. the best you can come up with is asking about “Dancing with the Stars?” Sheesh. I’ll give him one thing though. His shtick where he asked Joe Theismann a loaded question and explodes in incredulity when Joe gives his typical idiotic response is hilarious. But he only gets one or two of those a game. I also think he’s getting somewhere when he looks for an angle that a reporter covering the team might write about. Like when he said that everyone would be crowded around Drew Bledsoe locker after the game, and he started to explain why, but didn’t get very far before Joe disagreed and stepped on his toes.
Anyway, those are my thoughts, such as they are at 7am after 5 hours of sleep last night. Ain’t no way I’m staying up for the World Series tonight. Let me know who wins.

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  1. Why stay up til midnight? That game was over at 11:30 after the 92 yard interception return made it 36-15.


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