Not a Belly Itcher

My arm is very sore today after playing baseball yesterday. Why? Because we were short players, particularly pitchers. Can you see where this is going? After 5 innings, we were already losing by 6 or 7 runs, so they put me in to pitch. Yeah, it’s technically not entirely within the rules, since I’m only 32, and you have to be 36 to pitch. But the alternatives weren’t so good. Miraculously, with me not having pitched since I was at least 14, and with basically one pitch in my arsenal, I got out of every inning without the other team getting more than 2 runs. Not too shabby. 3 innings pitched, and 4 runs. My last inning I even managed to shut down the other side with 2 strikeouts and no runs (partially thanks to a liberal strike zone from the umpire). Oh, and I also batted cleanup (which shows you how short we were on players), smoked a double over the left fielder’s head, and was catcher for 2 innings and shortstop for 3. Now that’s a utility man.
I iced my arm down several times yesterday, and it’s not awful. More sore than usual, certainly, but I can at least lift my arm over my head without passing out from the pain. So I’ve got that going for me.

2 thoughts on “Not a Belly Itcher”

  1. 3 innings, 4 runs…let me do the math…12.00 era?? With one pitch, like Kyle Farnsworth, when are you gettin the call up?!? If you can pound someone’s face in like he can, there is room for you somewhere and the Yanks will pay you a mil or two.

    I assume that the other team didn’t complain that the 32 year old young guy came in to pitch. Catcher was my favorite position, there was action on every play and I didn’t have to be pitching where I got rocked about half the time. I still remember when dad said to make sure I didn’t leave a juicy pitch up in the zone to Gary Wrobel, which of course I did, and he hit it about 15 miles(oops)!!


  2. Unless Brian pitched when I was not looking, I think the last time was in Brussels at about age 12. Mike, you pitched better than you say although you did serve that one up to Wrobel. You were not the only one to do that though.


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