We’ve been trying to get the house ready for baby #2 lately. Ellie has a new bed, and we’ve rearranged her closet to make room for baby clothes. The crib, at least initially, is going to go in our room, somewhere. It’ll be a tight squeeze, but it’s better than putting it in Ellie’s room and having the baby wake Ellie up too.
We’re rearranging the office too. We got the white version of this office wall organizer from Pottery Barn, and I put it up last night along with a shelf that we’ve been meaning to put up since we moved in. Lisa’s desk is getting trashed, and we’re rearranging the furniture in there to make room for the changing table. With any luck, there will be room left in there for the La-Z-Boy rocking chair too.
Things are looking good, and it’s forcing us to purge a lot of junk that we’ve had sitting around taking up space. And that is definitely a good thing.