On Hold

I may have to take back my praise for our insurance company. We got a letter last night which contradicted what we were told by the finance guy at our last appointment. He had told us that the insurance company was going to start a contract with them, and that we would be covered under the plan, even though it would be “out-of-network.” The letter says they reviewed our “request for coverage” and denied it because they have other providers on their list. Among them, the, ahem, “midwife” who induced Lisa unnecessarily with Ellie. Apparently they think that the midwives at the hospital are the same as the midwives we are seeing, who do home births and more. Clearly, we beg to differ. The midwife at the hospital was a glorified nurse who really wanted to be a doctor, not someone who was willing to let nature run its course and do what the mother wanted rather than whatever standard practice was at the hospital.
Needless to say, we’re ticked about this, but we will have to call up the midwives to find out what the deal is. The crazy thing is that we are doing what we are supposed to do under a “consumer-driven” health plan. We’re taking our health decisions into our own hands, and actually trying to save the insurance company money (home birth is much cheaper than a 2-3 day required stay at a hospital). Ugh.