Heck of a Game

Now that was a Game 7. I was worried that the game wouldn’t live up to its billing, but Oliver Perez went toe-to-toe with Jeff Suppan, giving up only one run in his 6 innings. Then Aaron Heilman gave up a two-run shot to Yadier Molina that even Endy Chavez couldn’t catch. The Mets had a chance in the bottom of the ninth, with men on first and second and nobody out, but Willie Randolph decide to go for the win instead of assuring himself of the tie first, and Cliff Floyd rewarded him by striking out and looking bad doing it. I watched Kirk Gibson, Cliff, and you sir are no Kirk Gibson. Willie will learn not to believe his players every time they tell him they are okay. Leaving Perez in almost cost him, and not using a pinch-hitter to bunt the runners over to second and third with one out did cost him.
Still, in spite all that, the Mets had a chance. Bases loaded, winning run on first base, tying run on second, two outs, and arguably your best hitter at the plate. And he strikes out. Looking. That hurts. Beltran said of the pitch, “You can’t sit on it because he has a good fastball. I was just trying to see the ball and react to it. But he threw a great pitch, a back-door curveball. I couldn’t do anything with it.” Great pitch indeed. And now the Cardinals are on to the World Series. After limping into the playoffs, they are now the second worst team (by record) to make the World Series. They’ll face the wild card Tigers, who also limped in.
And that’s why they play the games.

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