Too Smart For Her Own Good

Ellie is one smart kid.
She has a stepstool that she uses to reach the sink and wash her hands after she goes to the bathroom. It didn’t take her long to figure out that she can use the stepstool to reach a whole lot of other things. First, it was getting to the clothes in her closet. Obviously, we didn’t mind that, as getting her dressed at all is an accomplishment most days, let alone her actually dressing herself. Yesterday though, she figured out that she can use it to pull the suncatcher stickers on and off of her window. Two of them have already had to go in the trash because of ripping or losing their stickiness.
Who knows what’s next? A whole new world is open to her with the extra 12 inches of artificial height.

1 thought on “Too Smart For Her Own Good”

  1. My guess is that she’ll figure out how to get to the stash of Halloween candy on top of the fridge next. No hiding place is safe anymore!!!


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