Nice Catch!

Regardless of the outcome, that catch at the wall by Endy Chavez, which turned into a double play, was one of the top 5 defensive plays I’ve seen in a playoff game. Simply awesome.
Endy used to play for the Nationals, where they hoped he would be a speedy centerfielder and leadoff man. He never had the patience to be a leadoff man, and wasn’t great in center either. They ended up trading him to the Phillies for Marlon Byrd. And the Phillies let him go at the end of last year, allowing the Mets to pick him up. He fit in with the Mets because they let him play left field and hit 8th in the order, which was something the Nats couldn’t afford to do.
Nice job Endy, good to see you making plays out there! Now, can we please avoid sending this game to extra innings so I can get some sleep???