Game 7 tonight

I somehow managed to stay up last night for most of the baseball game. I went to bed after the top of the 8th, figuring with a 4-0 lead and Billy Wagner coming in, the Mets had it won. Guess Wagner made it interesting though. He gives up 2 runs, and is two batters away from bringing up Albert Pujols again.
How the Mets are winning with almost no pitching is beyond me. John Maine has now essentially “beaten” Chris Carpenter twice (the Mets lost Game 2, after taking the lead off Carpenter 6-4, the bullpen blew it). And now Oliver Perez, the guy who was 10 games under .500 on the year, takes the mound for Game 7 against Jeff Suppan. Crazy.
So, after “My Name is Earl,” (the game doesn’t usually start until 8:20pm anyway) switch over to Fox for an exciting end to a crazy series.