Sporting Reversals

Crazy stuff in the weekend in sports. I had almost written off the Mets after they blew the game against the Cardinals Friday night. They had the chance to win against the Cardinals’ ace, Chris Carpenter, and blew it. Then they went into St. Louis and lost Game 3. But last night, the bats came alive with a vengeance, leading them to a 12-5 win.
The Tigers have nearly completed their reversal, going from a 119 loss team to AL champs. Congrats to them. Unless they get rusty having to wait out the NLCS, it’s going to be tough to beat their pitching.
The Redskins were back on track a couple of weeks ago. The offense got going against Houston, and kept it going against a good Jacksonville defense. But a loss last week to the Giants led to an even bigger loss this week, to the previously winless Titans. Rest assured, the office will be filled with the chant “We are the Titans! The mighty mighty Titans!” today. Speaking of the Giants, a couple of weeks ago, they were reeling after a blowout loss to Seattle. They came back off the bye week to beat the Redskins handily. And this week, the defense stepped up big time, and limited the potent Atlanta offense, sacking Michael Vick 7 times, and, outside of a 90 yard run by Warrick Dunn, containing the Atlanta running game. Tiki Barber did his part in the offense, running for over 180 yards. Big game coming up at Dallas on Monday night this week.
One team that certainly isn’t turning anything around is my Spartans. 38-7 loss to Ohio State, was anyone surprised? Didn’t think so. Oh, and I officially take back what I said about Larry Coker. Fire him now. What happened in the brawl against Florida International (seriously Miami: FIU? THAT’S who you pick to brawl with? Come on!) was an embarrassment to the university and to college sports as a whole. Shit like that should NEVER happen.
My baseball team is playing its “fall” season right now, although we’ve had more rainouts than games at this point. Yesterday, we started cold and early at 8am. Brr. The cold didn’t affect the teams as much as the sun did. It was just coming up, and shining through the fence, it led to a difficult backdrop to pick up the ball from the outfield. We had, including me, 3 or 4 hits just drop in front of the left-fielder due to the sun. Unfortunately, we ended up losing by 2 runs, with me on deck and the bases loaded when our best hitter struck out to end the game. It’s tough not playing for 2 or 3 weeks and trying to get your timing back, and we definitely did not have our bats going yesterday. We went undefeated in the regular season in the spring, but we’ve had our struggles so far in the fall. Hopefully we can turn it around in time for the playoffs.

3 thoughts on “Sporting Reversals”

  1. I was at the Tiger’s ALCS clincher on Saturday (It was AWESOME) – Who would have thought that after ending the season the way they did that they would roll over the Yankees and A’s the way the have. They are clicking now and I like there chances. Now….if I can only get tickets to the World Series…..


  2. For the record, FIU was the one that started the brawl and it is hard to sit by when one of your players gets his head stomped on by an FIU player. Nevertheless, this crap has no place in sports although we should have seen it coming. While not exactly rivals as the score indicates, most of the players were opponents in HS and the smack talk started before the coin flip.
    UM’s board is meeting at 10 tomorrow, and Coker may get the boot.


  3. Oh, and how about them Jets!!! Always sweet when they beat the Dolphins as I get to gloat for another 2 months until they play again.


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