Never Mind

Jose Rijo is already backpedalling, realizing he’ll probably get fired if he actually admits that he told anyone that the Nats weren’t going to sign Soriano. Everyone is denying the report, but no one will comment on what is going on with the negotiations.
Normally, when it’s snowing and cold in a cold weather city for a sporting event, I’d say the visiting team from a warm climate is at a disadvantage. The A’s are at a disadvantage, but just because Detroit is better than them right now. It’s not like the Tigers are playing in this cold weather in October every year, so the only disadvantages are the ones that already existed.
The Mets won, 2-0 last night, and I actually watched most of the game. Neither team was particularly impressive at the plate, but Beltran got one mistake, and he punished it.
Not much else to say this morning. It’s Friday, and I can’t wait for the weekend.

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