I’ve been messing around with the site a little bit. I noticed that when I posted a book review, and it got duplicated to the main page via the awesome MultiBlog plugin, the formatting was off. I decided to just reset the template and go with a built-in color scheme to make things easy on myself. As long as I was messing around with stylesheets, I redid the formatting for the book reviews. It now just uses the color scheme of the page it’s getting posted on rather than the odd greenish color. I also took off the “buy now” link. You can still click the book picture or title to get to the Amazon page for the books.
The last thing I did was implement the MultiBlog plugin for The D’s RSS feed. It’s only on the RSS 2 feed though, in case you wanted to subscribe. That means you can subscribe to one feed, and get all my news, Ellie’s, Baby #2, and and the KC D’s together. Enjoy!