Math Major

For those who missed it, I was a math major in college. My wife likes to joke about this a lot, mostly when I’m trying to figure out how much tip to leave on a restaurant bill. But today, I actually put my math skills to good use.
I obsess about bills sometimes. I just don’t like paying them, and I hate when companies try to slip things in on you without you noticing. I like to review their websites occasionally to make sure that they haven’t started offering something better to new customers that I might be missing out on.
Today, I spent my lunch break reviewing the last year’s phone bills. We pay about $50 for phone and DSL, which does not include long distance, or the $20 in fees they charge. Unfortunately, the DSL isn’t reliably fast enough to replace the phone line with VOIP, so I’m stuck with those fees for now. (But more on that in a moment.) Cavalier Telephone also offers unlimited long distance for $10 more per month. We currently pay $0.05/minute for long distance, which means our break-even point is 200 minutes. Going back 6 months, it appeared that we were getting the best deal, as only once did we go over 200 minutes. But going back a full year, to include the holidays and such, we averaged 202.5 minutes. That means by switching to the unlimited plan, we would save a whopping $1.50 over the course of a year! Woo. Hoo.
The good news is that the Town of Vienna approved Verizon’s application to roll out their fiber-optic high-speed internet service, FIOS, along with their accompanying TV service, to the town. I did some more math, and while it doesn’t look like the TV portion would be a very good deal, if I switched our phone/DSL to FIOS/VOIP, I would, if nothing else, be getting rid of those $20 in fees and $10 in long distance. Plus, FIOS is so much faster than my current DSL. I personally can’t wait.
So there ya go. I think that proves it was well worth the tens of thousands of dollars it cost to put me through college.

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  1. As the one who paid the tens of thousands, I certainly hope that you are getting more out of the math degree than figuring out your friggin phone bill.


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