Bad Times for my Tech Stuff

This is getting so ridiculous that I had to post something about it.
First, about a month ago, the hard drive in my Tivo fails. I got that fixed, but the new one seems to be freezing every once in a while, not coincidentally when I need to record something. Annoying.
Then, our DSL connection seems to be flaky. I have yet to pin down the cause, but for once it doesn’t seem to be anything on the company’s end, and it’s likely either our DSL modem going bad, or the router behind it going wonky. The router was intermittently dropping connections a couple of weeks ago, so my money’s on that.
The air conditioning in our Dodge Intrepid has been flaky too. Not particularly tech-related, but just another expensive thing to go wrong.
And now the bitterest pill of all. Last night, I went to sync my iPod up with the latest podcasts I downloaded, and it didn’t work. The drive inside sounded like it was constantly clicking, spinning up, then clicking again. This royally sucks. I’ve got a few things to try, including formatting the drive and restoring it, but I’m not sure if anything will work. Excuse me while I go cry for a while now.