Nats Update

What trade deadline? The Nats traded Livan Hernandez for two minor league pitchers. It frees up his $7 million cap number next year, but does leave a huge hole in the rotation (the dude could eat up 250 innings a year). Soriano is getting $10 million this year, and if you use $3-4 million of the money from Livan, that gets you up around $14 million, with $3 million to try to get a starter. Not a great number, and probably just me being optimistic, but the past couple of years, they’ve gotten good years for little money out of Ramon Ortiz ($2.5m), Pedro Astacio ($750k), and Esteban Loiaza ($2.9m). We shall see…
Meanwhile, the Nats are “only” 7.5 games back of the Reds in the wild-card race. Ha! Sorry, I saw that in the paper the other day and had to laugh. 7.5 games sounds doable, until you realize that Cincy is 57-55, and the Nats are 49-62 and in last place. Huge difference. The Nats apparently fleeced the Reds even more than originally thought, as Gary Majewski went on the DL yesterday with a bum shoulder. Way to go Jimmy B! Right, we know, you don’t trade injured players, wink, wink, nudge, nudge.
The Nats MASN Peter Angelos finally got Comcast to cave in and show the Nationals games on their cable systems. Good news for all, but I could care less since I already got the games on DirecTV.
Finally, Tom Boswell has a great analysis of the idiocy possessing the DC Mayor’s office at the moment. When pitching the park’s location, Anthony Williams waxed poetically about the “iconic ballpark” with views of the Capitol in the distance. Now that he’s been greased to the tune of $61 million, he’s willing to sacrifice those views for 13 story condos that wrap the ever-important and ugly parking garages they want to build. Ah, politics! I didn’t think the Nats could have it worse than barren and isolated RFK, but this could be the beginning of something awful for the new stadium.