Bringing RFK into the 21st Century

The new owners of the Nationals announced their Grand Reopening plans yesterday. It actually sounds like they are going to be pretty good owners. First off, they are cleaning up RFK from top to bottom. Hopefully that means no more sticky feet syndrome. They’re also upgrading the food choices to include things like cheesesteaks, bockwurst, knishes, all-beef hot dogs and brown mustard. They’ve pledged to get the food vendor’s act together too, making sure that lines move quickly and efficiently. Good luck with that. They are also supposed to put micro-brews back in the stadium. Huzzah! I do love my Guinness, but it’s not really a baseball beer.
In addition, they’re kicking off the festivities with the Cubs series July 21-23. I’m fairly certain that the tickets for that were selling pretty well anyway, in spite of their “premium” pricing, but they’re going to go like hotcakes now. Each day, there’s a different red giveaway: Friday is red caps, Saturday is red t-shirts, and Sunday is red rally towels. There’s also live entertainment before each game, including the “Godfather of Go-go” Chuck Brown on Saturday. I am so there.
Did I mention that for the rest of the season, 1000 tickets that used to be $11 will be $5, and 1000 more at $7 are reduced to $3, for every game (not including the Cubs series). At that price, you can definitely afford to take the family. And trust me, I will.