A Musical Education

After having to listen to a lot of Raffi and Music Together on our road trip, I was pleased to find three new (to me) CDs from LaLa when I got home: Ghostface Killah, A Tribe Called Quest, and Tripping Daisy. Add that to the Drive-by Truckers and White Stripes I got before leaving, and I’ve got some good stuff to listen to for a while.
Last night, we went to the Nottaway Nights concert, this time featuring Bill Kirchen. We took Ellie, Max, and Ellie’s friend Claire, and they got a good musical education. They classified his music as “Roots Rock,” but that sounds limiting. He was nominated for a Grammy for Best Country Instrumental Performance in 2002, but again, it hardly tells what he played. He was really amazing with his guitar. At one point, he played guitar riffs (and these are just the ones I can remember), consecutively, from The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Chuck Berry, The Sex Pistols, and Jimi Hendrix, the latter played with the guitar behind his head. It was pretty darned cool, and everyone had a blast. It’s amazing that the park puts these shows on for free.
After the concert, we got back in the car and listened to a little A Tribe Called Quest (“Scenario,” “Can I Kick It?”) to round out the evening’s educational experience. Just because they’re kids doesn’t mean they can’t appreciate good music.