Bookie Shooting Followup

Following up on the “accidental” shooting of an alleged bookie back in January, the Post has the story that the officer will not be charged or reprimanded for the shooting. I’m still trying to figure out how it went off “accidentally.”

Culosi was standing next to the officer’s car, on the passenger side, when the officer gave the sign for two SWAT officers to move in. They headed toward the car, one to arrest Culosi and one to protect the undercover officer, Horan said.

One officer pulled up in a car behind the undercover officer’s. “As the officer came out, he was bringing his weapon up,” Horan said. “In the course of bringing his weapon up, it discharged. He has no real explanation how.”

Horan said the officer shouted the word “police” at Culosi. “Right after “police,’ ” Horan said, “it went pow.”

Horan said the officer was aware that he should not have had a finger on the trigger and that he should not have had his .45-caliber H&K handgun pointed at anyone. “As he says, you keep your finger straight,” Horan said. “He felt his finger was straight . . . but obviously his finger is not straight up. His finger has to be on the trigger.”

I’m not a SWAT team member myself, but even I know that you never have your finger on the trigger, especially not when you’re pointing the gun at someone, unless you are preparing to shoot them. Remember that photo of the Swat team grabbing Elian Gonzalez that had everyone going ballistic? If you look at it, you see the SWAT team guy in that picture has his finger straight, not on the trigger, and the gun is not pointed at anyone. That’s the way to do it, and it seems to me this officer didn’t do it right. In spite of this, he faces no reprecussions, and it just doesn’t seem right to me.
The family has set up a website to keep interested parties up to date with what’s going on.