Who Do The Networks Want?

An interesting question came up during our afternoon break today: who do you think the NFL or ABC wants to make the Super Bowl? I would think that for the purposes of hyping the game for two weeks, it would probably have to be Pittsburgh-Seattle.
Pittsburgh is the easy choice in the AFC, with them having knocked off invicible Indy, and with Jerome Bettis potentially returning to his hometown in the year he retires to win the Super Bowl. Super Bowl XL, which would be fitting for him (but just barely, he’s more like XXXL, nyuk nyuk).
Seattle, with the Shaun Alexander situation, seems to be the choice in the NFC. Will the MVP play this week? Regardless of how he does, it would be a story that would carry over through those two weeks if they won. If he did poorly, the story is, “Can Shaun live up to his hype and come through in the playoffs?” If he plays well in the NFC championship, the story is “Shaun recovered from a concussion right when the Seahawks needed him.”
I don’t think Denver has a real compelling story on their team. They are the ultimate in under-the-radar, an image that their coach does his best to encourage. Carolina could be a real underdog story, with Steve Smith and overcoming injuries to two starting tailbacks, but Alexander being the MVP has bigger potential.
All that having been said, I’m rooting for a Denver-Carolina Super Bowl (especially Carolina, go Panthers!).