Flush – Bonus Audiobook Review

Flush Flush by Carl Hiaasen
My review
My rating: 3 of 5 stars
I totally forgot that we listened to the audiobook version of Flush by Carl Hiaasen on the way to Michigan for the holidays, so here’s the bonus audiobook review.
Before I go on, I should mention that this book falls in the “Young Adult” category. So, it’s not going to challenge you mentally or anything like that. But it is an interesting novel, and it will probably entertain you, even if you see the twists the story takes coming a mile away. That was the one drawback of the book. Whenever a character is introduced, you know that character has a role to play in the unraveling of the story. And in most cases, you can figure out exactly what that role will be.
The story tells of a corrupt casino boat owner, and the father who wants to take him down. But since it’s a “Young Adult” story, the kids are the ones who ultimately do the takedown. Along the way, there’s moral tales about the environment and the evils of gambling, but it’s a pretty straightforward story of the good guys triumphing over the bad guys. Probably a better read for the pre-teen crowd, but I enjoyed it too.