12 Books 2005

In January 2005, I decided to get back into regular reading, after only sporadically reading for a long time. It was a successful project, and I’m obviously going to continue it this year. In 2005, I read 16 books and listened to two additional audiobooks. There was a good mix of books in there, including an autobiography, a Nobel Prize winner, a double dose of Stephen King, and a timely behind the scenes look at the US Supreme Court. But looking back, I enjoyed one book more than all the others: Norwegian Wood by Haruki Marukami. I plan on reading more by this talented author this year, and if you’ve never read anything by him, I cannot recommend him enough.
You can see the books I’ve read either on my book list page, or by browsing the 12 Books archive. And as always, your suggestions are welcomed. I’ve already finished one book this year and started on two others, but there’s always room for more.