High Scores, Low Scores, and Just-Right Scores

This was a weekend of all types of scoring. First off, my fantasy football team, led by the mighty Tiki Barber (they should have been chanting M-V-P!), was the high scorer this week. I had Tiki, Rudi Johnson, and Steve Smith leading the way for me, as they have all year long. I’m in the Fantasy Super Bowl this weekend!
The just-right score was the Giants pulling out a big victory over the Chiefs. A much bigger game this weekend, when they face the Redskins in Washington on Saturday. Unfortunately, the one time I actually want to watch the Redskins on TV, we’ll be in Detroit, where they will be showing the Lions against the Saints. I may have to find a sports bar to watch the game… One thing I have to say that I like about the Giants this year is their commitment to running the ball. Tiki had only gained about 20 yards on his first 10 carries on Saturday, but they kept giving it to him, and he rewarded them with some nice long runs as the game went on. It’s very important for them to do that, because Eli still seems to be learning. Seriously Eli, another pick at the 2 yard line? You gotta stop doing that buddy, you’re taking points off the board every time you throw an interception in the red zone (technically, he threw that INT when they were at the 30, but you get the idea).
Finally, the low score was for the other team in our curling game last night. My team finally had our thrid regular player, Jennifer. She’s very good, which was a nice surprise. We also had a guy subbing for us as vice who is very good. He helped me a lot on some shot calls. I tend to be more conservative, but he convinced me several times to play more aggressively, because we were doing well at pressuring the other team into very difficult shots, which they just weren’t able to make. We never had the hammer (last rock) in any end, and we stole 3 in the first end to go on to a 8-0 win, quitting after six ends. And all this after I left my curling stuff at home and had to use a borrowed broom and slider. I should forget my stuff every week!
We also got to see the baby panda yesterday. It was a close call though. Our tickets were for 11:40, but we showed up early to see the elephants get a bath. Our friend from around the corner is a member of the Friends of the National Zoo, so she knows all the ins and outs of the zoo. She informed us that at 10am, they give the elephants a bath, so we thought that would be a great idea. We got there about 10 after 10am, and it looked like we were too late, as they were turning off one of the hoses. But we stuck around a little while, and lucky us, they started giving the baby (well, 4 year old) elephant a bath. Ellie was mesmerized. The handlers got the elephant to lie down and expose his belly so they could scrub all over, and it was very entertaining.
We wandered over to see the panda parents outside eating their bamboo breakfast, and Ellie was getting really excited about seeing the baby panda. We were planning to meet our neighbors there, but their son came down with croup on Saturday, so they had to bail out. Instead, we met some random people there who were able to take their spots. We still had some time to kill after that though, and wandered up to see the emu, the maned wolf, the zebra, and the baby cheetahs (they’re about a year old now). FYI, the maned wolf’s urine smells awful, like skunk. Apparently they’re really big into marking their territory. Yech!
We got in line around 11:15am, and not long after that, we were ushered under a white canopy to wait for our turn. The twin boys who were going to see the panda with us entertained us with their song and dance, and then it was time to go in. Only there was no panda. Apparently he had gone back into his den as the last group was leaving. It’s one of those random things, they can’t guarantee that he’ll be there to see. Luckily for us though, they allowed a handler to come out and try to coax the panda to play. The panda didn’t want to come out though, so the handler just picked him up and brought him out to play. Hilarious little guy, but I felt bad that they had to drag him out to show us. Little Butterstick still isn’t quite sure of himself on the rocks, and tumbles around quite a bit. He’s actually smaller than I thought he would be, even though he weighs in at 40 pounds now. Not long after that, our ten minutes were up, and the next group came in.

3 thoughts on “High Scores, Low Scores, and Just-Right Scores”

  1. Unfortunately, we don’t get the Giant game either as Miami is at home against Tenn. Who wants to see these dogs play for nothing except pride. At least Miami is at .500 now though they struggled to beat the Jets but who cares? Go G Men!!!


  2. What a game, huh? I’m more mad about the loss to the Cowboys than the loss to the Giants. The Giants are a great team and Tiki is one of the most underrated players in the league. And I’m SO GLAD I didn’t bet you on that game.

    Good thinking by me.


  3. Barber was crucial last week in fantasy football. Your team is loaded. This week, Rudi Johnson will likely carry your team. Good Luck!


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