A La Carte

The FCC has reversed course, and is now thinking that maybe “a la carte” cable is a good idea. The premise is that cable companies and broadcasters force channels on viewers that they don’t want to watch, and maybe it would be a good idea to just pick the channels you want off a menu. That way, you wouldn’t have to pay for the Nascar channel if you didn’t like it, or you could vote with your dollars if you didn’t like the content on F/X. With that in mind, here are the channels I’d keep.
All the networks, even UPN and WB. Even the minor networks have some good shows on, so they’re worth it. This also includes PBS for Ellie.
ESPN and ESPN2. I can do without the ESPN News and the others.
CNN. One 24 hour news station, in case major events happen.
Weather Channel. Can’t live without it.
USA. Good shows occasionally on there, and they are usually good for a cheesy 80s movie on occasion.
SciFi. If only for Battlestar Galactica.
Comedy Central. The Daily Show. Period.
Travel Channel/Food Network. Mostly for Lisa’s escapism.
Those are my only must-haves. I think my cable bill could be pretty cheap with that bare minimum. A few others I might consider if they were cheap enough: Discovery, TLC, Bravo, Animal Planet, AMC. With my Tivo and daughter dictating what I watch, I’m pretty much tailor-made for this a la carte stuff.

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