Van Helsing review

About a month ago, Starz had a free preview weekend, and so I taped “Van Helsing”, since it’s a vampire movie, and you know how I love those. Too bad it wasn’t very good.
If this movie is any indicator, stunt persons have nothing to worry about. The special effects were overused and obviously not real. I don’t mind special effects, but not effects for the sake of having fancy stuff. In one scene, an actress falls off a cliff, and manages to grab on at the last second. It could have been a harrowing scene, but instead they chose to do it digitally, which ended up being unbelievable and lame. That happened far too often in the movie. The other thing that bugged me was a seemingly gratuitous use of werewolves and Frankenstein’s monster, which again seemed to be used for the sake of doing more effects. It’s too bad, I thought the movie could have been good. Instead, it gets a big thumbs down (for the two of you who haven’t already seen it like me).