A Food Experiment

Lisa decided last week to try something new. She’s been bored with cooking lately, so she decided she was going to cook her way through her “Baking by Flavor” cookbook. First up was almond. Specifically, almond pull-aparts. Lisa was not pleased.
First off, she thought she had all the ingredients, but in addition to the 4 eggs, she needed 2 egg yolks. We only had the 4 eggs left. Next, the dough mixture was so watery that she had to put in 6 cups of flour instead of the 4 that were called for. Then, naturally, we forgot to put the dough in the refrigerator overnight, so it probably overrose, which made it really difficult to fill and roll up later on. Finally, she just threw the thing in the oven and waited to see what would happen.
It turned out pretty decent, in the end. But, as Lisa said yesterday, it was way too much effort for something that was just “OK.” She is already frustrated with the experiment, but vowed to carry on. Next up is supposed to be Apricot, so we’ll see how that goes.