KC Ds!!

Finally, we have settled in and I fixed our previously crashed computer. So this is the first post from the KC Ds. Jenn is loving her new job and the people that she works with. She is with a company called Perceptive Software Inc, in Shawnee, KS, working as a Lotus Notes Developer. I am also enjoying my new career as a stay at home dad. We finished our swim lessons last week and the kids made some great strides. Taylor is slowly overcoming her fear of water in her face, she now will blow bubbles in the water without freaking out. Austin’s favorite part was jumping off the side of the pool into the water. It is definitely something we will be continuing when the next session starts in September. I am still playing volleyball all the time and doing some travelling, thanks to a wonderfully understanding wife. Doing well but finished second too many times(4), finally getting some wins(3) with the latest yesterday in St. Louis. We did have to say goodbye to our beloved Alvin a few weeks ago. He was in some major pain and would have required some surgery, of which there was no guarantee that we would be better. We have all been adjusting to the change, Marv has actually lost weight with the additional walks she gets to go on these days.

That’s about it for now.

I have pictures from our trip to the Kansas City Zoo, to come soon.

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