Lasik followup

20/20! Or so they tell me.
I went in for my followup appointment this morning. I drove myself to the office, and since it was dark and rainy, I was very aware of the halo haze around the headlights of oncoming cars. It wasn’t terrible, but I was definitely going to ask about it when I got to the office.
The nurse took me back and did the barn test again (for those not familiar, there’s a “refractometer” machine that has a picture of a barn at the far end that goes in and out of focus). Then back to the office for the eye tests. Even though I did say it was a little blurry and hazy, I was able to read the 20/20 lines! Cool! She, as well as the eye doctor, said that the haziness should get better as time goes by. The eye doctor then looked at my eyes under the bright light and said that it didn’t even look like I had Lasik. Then she told me to look down and saw the burst blood vessels and said, “And now it DOES look like you had Lasik.” I knew it was something that would happen, even if it is a little freaky, but she explained to me that it would go away after a time, and that gravity might make the spots move down in the eye, more into view (rather than under the eyelids as they are now). I wasn’t too worried. Other stuff: I only have to wear the damned goggles for one more night; I can cut back on the eye drops and just do each one four times a day, pretty much until they’re gone. And my next appointment is Monday July 18, so we’ll see how I’m doing then.
Overall, it was good news. I drove myself to the appointment, I tested 20/20, even with some bluriness, and I drove myself to work, which is where I’m posting this from. We’ll see how long the eyes last today. Yesterday, they were pretty good in the morning, but by the time I went to bed, they were pretty tired, and felt sort of like they do after wearing contacts all day long. I imagine it may be a short day today, but we’ll see.