The raising of the shed

Ouch. That’s how I feel this morning after a weekend of shed raising. Well, yesterday was the shed raising, the rest of the weekend was clearing the ivy so that the shed would have somewhere to fit.
We spent most of Saturday starting to clear the ivy. There’s no good way to do this, at least not that I’ve found. The method to my madness was to cut through the top layer of vines, and pull what I could up off the top. Then came the fun part. The deeply entrenched vines and root system. I found that using the shovel (we have one with a flat edge which helped) to dig a line helped to cut some of the deeper roots, and then it was just a matter of pulling them up. No small matter, mind you. Lisa tried valiantly to help, but Ellie was having none of that, so I ended up doing most of it myself. Somewhere around 3pm (after starting fairly early in the morning), I quit for the day. About 3/4 of the site was cleared.
Sunday was more of the same. This time I managed to finish the job off early in the afternoon, and we headed out to Viva Vienna, the town’s Memorial Day fair, for some fun and games. Ellie had a good time on the merry-go-round, and then we sat down to eat our snowcone and funnel cake, and she saw the giant slide. “Side, side!” she implored. Luckily, we were allowed to slide down with her in our laps, and man, did she love that! Unfortunately, she also wanted to climb back up the slide, like she does at the playground (she holds your hand and climbs up as far as she can, then falls and lies on her belly and slides down like that). And she most definitely did not want to wait in line again! We ended up having one of us wait in line a few spots behind the other so that when she got off she could go back up again in short order. She was pretty ticked when we ran out of tickets though.
Yesterday was the big shed raising day. I had been hoping to get an early start, but no one showed up until 12:30 (for the noon cookout). Eventually we got enough people out to start working. We got the walls put together before some people had to leave. Good helper and hammerer Matt had to leave after we got the walls up and the rafters nailed in, which left the hardy crew of super helpers to get the siding and roof sheathing on. There’s a few cracks here and there where things just did not quite want to go together right (I can’t tell you how many times I said “Good enough” yesterday). But it’s sturdy and it ain’t falling over. I even climbed up onto the roof to prove it. I took some pictures that I will put up later today. We still have to put on shingles, doors, and paint, but all in all, a good weekend’s work.
And boy, am I feeling it today. Ouch.