At the old ballgame

This is really just an excuse to post the best picture ever, but I’ll go through the charade of a story to post some other, less best, pictures too.
My cousin Bill finally proposed to his long-time girlfriend Maria. And that Friday, we all went to a Bowie Baysox game for Maria’s birthday (she goes every year). Minor league games are fun for the whole family, and somewhat less expensive than major league games. But the beer still costs $6. But hey that’s what tailgating is for. We got there pretty early. Amazingly enough, the world renowned Washington traffic was fairly light, especially for a Friday. But apparently we just picked the right way, because everyone else was late. That left Ellie plenty of time to run around in an empty parking lot.

This is an increasingly common view of Ellie these days.

Like I said, the parking lot was empty, so she had plenty of room to run, and we didn’t have to worry about her getting into too much trouble, so we just let her go.

The concession stand sells cheese fries in a helmet. Almost as good as the helmet sundae, and the helmet was bigger. And like I said before, that’s just a lead-in for this:

Best. Picture. Ever. We didn’t even realize it came out this good until I pulled it up on the computer the other day. Seriously, you have to click on the picture to see the bigger version. I doubt we’ll ever get a picture more perfect than this one. Tickets to the game: $9, Helmet Cheese Fries: $6, Best Picture Ever: Priceless!

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