The Original Whizzinator

I swear, you just can’t make up stuff like this. It’s comedy gold, Jerry!
Onterrio Smith was detained at the airport last month and airport officials found him carrying “The Original Whizzinator.” Smith explained to officials that it’s a device used for cheating on drug urine tests.
Warning: the following passage may not be safe for work, but is freakin’ hilarious! Click below to read.

“The $150 device includes a prosthetic penis attached to a jockstrap and plastic bag. Using a syringe, the user fills the bag with a precisely measured amount of water blended with the urine powder to create a clean sample. When the user takes a drug test in front of an observer, the water is released through the prosthetic with a valve (the instructions recommend the user cough to hide the sound of the valve unsnapping).”

Like I said, comedy gold! I don’t even feel the need to write some snarky comment!

1 thought on “The Original Whizzinator”

  1. I think that its rediculous to even have something like that in the first place. In my opinion, there is nothing better than Quick Flush system. Who wants to walk around with a fake penis strapped on them just to pass a drug test? If thats what it takes to pass a test, then you might as well not take the test to begin with if you have to walk around with this apparatus strapped on. You feel like a female with a fake penis strapped on like a dildo.


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