Sell sell sell!

Finally got around to sending a response to our friendly Fairfax County real estate assessor, basically rebutting the points as I did in my previous post. I’m fairly certain I’m headed for a formal appeal now, which should be tons o’ fun.
My high school buddy Ken moved out here a few years ago. He’s getting married in May, and he and his fiancee are moving out of their Tysons Corner condo to a place on Logan Circle in DC (directly east from Dupont Circle, FYI). They held an open house yesterday, and last Thursday they had several people walking through. Every single one of them wanted to make an offer. Most were willing to pay at least the asking price, with cold hard cash included in the deal. They decided to wait until today to accept formal offers, but methinks they will be making out like bandits. Crazy market out here in DC.