J.J. Abrams night

My favorite night of TV is now officially Wednesday night. Well, I generally don’t actually watch the shows as they air on Wednesdays, but my favorite shows are broadcast on ABC on Wednesday, “Lost” and “Alias”. J.J. Abrams is the creator of both shows, and probably is the most talented producer/writer on TV (at least until Joss Whedon gets another TV show when he’s done with the “Firefly” movie).
“Lost”, airing at 8pm, is by far the best new show on TV (sorry, “Desperate Housewives” fans). I had my doubts at the beginning that they would be able to make it work, but thankfully, they have largely stayed away from the big scary monster stuff, and have focused on the real mysteries of the mystical island, along with the mysteries of the castaways. I really enjoy the plot device of using the flashbacks to provide the backstories of a different character each week.
“Alias”, at 9pm, has, I think, been slipping a bit this year. It’s not as captivating as, say, two years ago, when Sydney’s roommate turned out to be a bad guy and Sydney lost two years of her memory. The “new” black ops group they have created is contrived and not all that exciting. Hopefully it’s all going somewhere, and with Sark now on the loose, at least there a big “bad guy” they have to deal with. These shows seem to do best when the “good guys” have to take on a big scary enemy.
One last note I find interesting: J.J. Abrams apparently hired some of the writers who used to work on Joss Whedon’s shows. That’s gotta be a good move. In addition, Gina Torres (who was Jasmine on “Angel” for a while, and Zoe on “Firefly”, both Whedon shows) guest starred on “Alias” the past two weeks, reprising her role from the first season. While I think she was just horrible in “Alias”, it was interesting to see the crossover between two of my favorite writers.

3 thoughts on “J.J. Abrams night”

  1. Amen brother.

    While Alias remains my favorite show on TV…they still have not lived up to Season One or Two.

    Good Sitcom night: Tuesday. Scrubs and Committed.


  2. Sorry to disagree, but Alias is definitely better than two years ago although I will admit that it is not as good as year one. The klast two weeks have been pretty good.

    Sidney’s two year memory loss??? Come on! That smacks of the dream episode of Dallas. For those of you too young, the actor playing Bobby left the show, so they let Bobby die. He came back a year later and the explanation of how he was now alive was that his wife just dreamed that he died.

    Agree that Lost is awesome. Can’t believe that fat guy won the lottery. And we just thought he was a loser.


  3. J.J. Abrams- though there is question wheather or not there will be a 6th season of Alias, I believe that there is one thing you could do to make a a very successful and exiting 6th season.
    If you continue the ramaldi plot and resurected Lauren and Alison Dorren and put Anna back in the picture, you could have a season where these three enemies of Sydney where to try capture her or kill her because of here importance hense her picture drawn in the prophocy. Having a simpler plot will most definatley attract more viewers and having Lauren, Alison, and Anna, would be very exiting for all Alias fans.


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