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Just got a response from our friends at the County assessor’s office. Very interesting stuff, bringing up points I hadn’t noticed before.

We have reviewed many sales (over 100)in the Vienna Woods subdivision which supported a substantial increase for 2005. Your house is known as an Astor model which as you know is a one-story model. I have sales of two Astor that occurred in September and November, 2004, for $450,000; not to mention the many other one-story models that sold as well. As you can see, your total assessment of $403,820 is well supported by sales of similar models.

The fact that other houses sold for $450,000 is beside the point. Of course, if we wanted to sell, we could get that much, I suppose. The point is that our assessment is out of whack with the assessed values of those homes that sold, as well as every other house on our block. The first house that sold in November is assessed at $375,000, $25000 less than ours. The other house was subsequently torn down, so I can’t compare their assessment, but the others in our neighborhood are also around $380,000.

Your land value did increase significantly from $113,000 to $176,000 which accounted for over half of the increase; however, your land value should have been $140,000 for 2004; $130,000 for 2003, etc. It appears yours was incorrect for past years and is now correct and consistent with others in the neighborhood.

This is interesting. I had only been looking at the total numbers for comparison, not the splits between land and building values. In 2003, our land value stayed constant at $105000, while others rose to $130000. However, that same year, our building value leapfrogged everyone else, jumping $20000, while everyone else’s building values stayed constant, or even went down. It seems that they applied the land increase to our building value by mistake. And now they rectified the land value mistake, but did not correct for the building value.

There is not a substantial difference between a carport and a wood deck so assuming the neighboring houses are similar models and similar in size there should be a fairly narrow range of values since it is mass appraisal. I looked at many other Astor models (approximately 1,000 s.f.)in your neighborhood for uniformity and
yours falls within the range; it may be slightly higher than some and/or slightly lower than others.

I personally don’t consider a nearly 15% difference in the building value to be a very good range. All other values fall within a $10000 range, from $195000 to $205000. Ours is $227820. Again, it seems out of whack. Our nearest neighbor with the same model is two doors down, and valued at $201,700. $26,000 less. Same house, two doors down.

They’re definitely going to be getting a call from me on Monday when I’m feeling better (I’m still getting over the cold I’ve had for two weeks now) and have had more time to research. I still contend I have a good case for our assessment being “not uniform” with others similar to mine.

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  1. Real estate is crazy. Our house in KC is about 2300 sq. ft. and is valued at less than half your value. And it is in a good school district in a nice area.


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