iPod update

Update:Thanks to Lisa, I got all the pictures uploaded. Check them out in the gallery (that’s new, just trying it out, let me know what you think!).
My first impression, even on seeing the box was “Wow, that’s smaller than I thought it would be.” Once I had opened the box and saw the iPod, I had to say again, “Wow, that’s smaller than I thought it would be.” You can definitely feel the weight to it though. But damn, it’s slick. So I plugged it in to the charger, and went back to the computer to “finish” loading all my CDs onto the computer. When I say “finish”, I really mean “load all of them” because I had barely even started. Late last night, I finally finished loading them all. 2429 songs, over 7 days of music (if played straight though), and just about 10 GB. That’s only half the capacity of the iPod, awesome!
All that music still only took about 20 minutes to load onto the iPod through the Firewire cable. Pretty sweet there too. The one problem I had was that it seems to take a couple of seconds for the computer to figure out that you plugged in the iPod, and there an “Oh crap” moment where you wonder if it’s going to work. But then it figures it out and loads up iTunes and syncs everything up.
Had to listen to the Saw Doctors to christen the iPod, and ‘FCA’ never sounded better. I’m quickly getting used to the scroll wheel interface. It’s a pretty nifty way of doing things. Making it clickable was brilliant too. Oh, and really cool that there is no delay when you turn it on. You just click any part of the wheel, and it’s ready to play your music. The way it ought to be.
Now that you see that it works, go ahead and click on John’s link to get your own free iPod.

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