Baby needs a new pair of shoes!

Ellie is walking all over the place, as many of you know by now. Usually, if she is inside, she just wears her Robeez, which work pretty well. But outside, they don’t provide much protection from sticks and stones. So we had been putting on some hand me down shoes. She was really uncoordinated in them though, so we decided maybe they just didn’t fit right and took her to Stride Rite to get her own pair. Turns out, she is a size 4.5, and the shoes she had been wearing were a size 2. Note to all future parents out there: if your kid is tripping all over themselves when you transition to shoes, it may not be just the fact that she’s getting used to wearing shoes. It also helps if they are the right size!

We got a cool pair of almost retro saddle shoes, which we figure will be good for play and dress up. She loves them and is walking much better now thank you.

Since I was home sick today, I went with Ellie and Lisa to the chiropractor, aka the quack doctor, for Ellie’s allergy appointment. It’s pretty crazy stuff, but it seems to work somehow. Expensive though, ugh.

Ellie says thanks for all her presents too. She is literally playing with all of them, and I have the sprained ankles to prove it.

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  1. Another shoe sizing tip…..amazingly enough, their feet keep growing. So, even though you may have gotten the shoe size right during the initial transition, you have to keep going back to measure them. Stride Rite recommended sizing them every other month but we go monthly because we were way off last time and Colin was getting blisters on the tips of his toes!!!! No wonder he doesn’t let me touch them!


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