New phone number for the D’s

Making a long story short, we had a billing dispute with our old phone company, Cavalier (after being a customer of theirs and never missing a payment for three years, we were late by two weeks on one payment and they cut off our phone service, goodbye!), we are moving back to Verizon for phone and DSL service. It’ll take about a week or so to get everything straight, so in the meantime, there may not be as many updates to the web site as usual. Since we will be in Michigan for much of this time, it’s not too big a deal, I just hope the DSL hookup works out right. Can’t go without the internet for too long.

Anyway, they’re not letting us keep our phone number, so we will have a new one very soon: 703-242-1738. In the interim, you can reach us on our cell phones; Brian: 703-328-8974, Lisa: 703-328-8978. Check the website for updates on our progress switching over.