Ellie rolled over!

She’s been trying for the past week or so to roll over, and she’s come very close, just couldn’t figure out how to get that arm out of the way to finish it off. But today, Ellie rolled over for the first time. Lisa actually missed the first one because she was in the bathroom, but Ellie did it again a few minutes later. Hopefully she’ll do it again for me later tonight when I get home and we can get it on video. Film at 11!

Update: Ellie is a rolling machine! Not long after I got home, she did it three times in a row. We managed to catch one on video too. It’s a bit long and a big download, but well worth it. Check it out.

3 thoughts on “Ellie rolled over!”

  1. All that work and all it gets you is face down…Poor kid. At least when dogs rollover they get a treat. haha…funny stuff.


  2. At least she can roll out of Colin’s way now so she won’t get steam rolled. It definately changes the supervision aspect now that she is becoming more mobil.


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