A New Car!

I feel like I am on “The Price is Right!” Last Friday, in anticipation of our mortgage refinancing windfall (no July payment, plus $2000 back!), we decided to buy a new car. Right now, we only have the Intrepid, and since Lisa will be at home after the baby arrives, we decided she should have a way of getting around. Lisa had been using a system called FlexCar for things such as dentist appointments, but this probably wouldn’t work too well with pushing a stroller to the Metro station to get the car. Read on for more…

So one day, when picking Lisa up at the Metro, I noticed that the Flexcar located at that Metro station was a Honda Civic Hybrid. I mentioned to Lisa that the next time she needed to use a FlexCar, she should try out the Hybrid. She did, and pretty much became enamored with it. It was bound to be our next car. You can read all about it from the Honda website. We got the “Opal Silver Blue Metallic” one, with beige interior (kinda like the old Model T, you have your choice of interior color, so long as it’s beige). It’s definitely different to drive, but not so different from a normal car. You can kind of feel the pull when slowing down, as it recharges the battery. And when you stop, it’s an eerie feeling when the engine turns itself off. Then, when you take your foot off the brake, it starts up again, a much shorter start-up time than you are used to in a normal car, and before you can put your foot on the accelerator, it’s ready to go.

I’m looking forward to driving it soon in my daily commute. I’ll report back on how it does on mileage and every day driving.