New format

The Dauernheims’ web site has a new format. I’m trying out some things with weblog software called Movable Type that will let each of us have their own site that they can easily update with the latest news and such that is going on. Read on for more info…

Then everyone will be able to come to this main page, and check the side bars for the latest entries from each person. The main page will also be used for information on major updates to the site, like when we add a page for Max the dog, or Taylor.
Don’t worry, we’ll also make sure that you can easily link to all pages on the site, whether they are weblogs or not, from right here on the front page.

Stay tuned as I update the design (I pretty much think the default design is crummy, so it’s just a matter of finding the time to change it). And stay tuned for more updates from everyone.