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Secret’s Out!

Friday, May 19th, 2006

Well, this site has been up for a few weeks now without anyone finding it, so it's time to open it up to the public now.
We went to the midwives at BirthCare last night and heard Baby D's fetal heartbeat! They couldn't find it the first time, which had Lisa a little worried, but this time, there was no problem. In case you were wondering, Lisa is planning on doing a home birth this time. She was really ticked that the doctors induced her with Ellie, so she's all about the total control this time.
Name suggestions are welcomed. Right now, we're leaning toward Evan if it's a boy. With Ellie, we were fortunate that she was a girl, because we had no boy names picked out. This time, it looks like we'll hope for boy, because we're not coming up with any girl names. Either way, it's very exciting, and no, we're not finding out the sex beforehand, so don't even ask.